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About The Oracle


Meet The Oracle

A Mensa member, MBA and overall intelligent guy, the Oracle started out by handicapping horse racing for several years.  After taking an interest in professional and college level sports, I switched to handicapping sports games.  I use a combination of statistical analysis as well as situational analysis for my "Crystal Ball" to come up with the best sports picks for me and you!

I consistently win between 60%-65% every year since I started. See my Results page for proof!

The Oracles results


I publish a daily free pick on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.  Be sure to follow me on all of them for the free pick, entertaining Vegas videos and overall awesomeness. 

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I post my free pick daily, links to new videos, and lots of other information about betting resources on my Twitter. Follow along!

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I post my free pick daily on Instagram as well as pictures & short videos from around Las Vegas, NV. 

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I sometimes stream on Twitch as well from around Las Vegas.

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