Premium Sports Pick Packages

What You Receive

Premium Picks Information

  • Picks are emailed daily by 12pm PST
  • Picks will be emailed to the email address of the PayPal payment
  • Picks will be primarily Professional Men's sports (NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB), although occasionally there will be College or Women's Sports
  • If picks have already started on day of purchase, I will send the remaining games for the day and send additional premium picks the next day to make up for started games you missed
  • No refunds for losing days. You acknowledge that sports betting is a long-term endeavor and not every single day is a winning day. We obviously strive to make every day a winning day.  We are playing these exact same picks! 
  • Purchase will appear as "Lexington Enterprises" or "LexEnterpr" in PayPal and your Credit Card Statement if a Credit Card is used